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Dec 4, 2013 12:00pm PST
you have enough pillsbury crescents? >>> more developing news this afternoon. within past hour authorities released a handful of 911 calls from inside sandy hook elementary school ten days out from first anniversary of one of the deadliest mass shootings in american history. obviously a sensitive issue for families who loved ones and many in america for that matter. for now at least we're choosing not to air them. today's release ends a month-long court fight to make them public. opponents argue the wounds are too fresh. those who argue for the release, say they may provide insight into the way the call was handled and prepare us for future events. just because the media has something, a photograph, a tape, a piece of video, doesn't mean we have to release it and say whatever we get, we put it out and let the people decide how they feel about it. we make decisions about what to air and what to broadcast every single day. and you knee, we have to ask is this valuable for the public good? does it advance the story and enhance our understanding? if it doesn't, are we doing grief t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1